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Multi-Peril Crop & Hail

The Pinnacle Group is a full service Multi-Peril and Crop-Hail Insurance Agency.

Pinnacle has been offering Crop Insurance services since 2004, and has several agents within the company that can help with questions that you might have.


With extensive production experience, we feel we have a keen appreciation for those risks and perils that may differ from year to year. Every year seems to bring it's own set of challenges, and this year will be no different.


Lower commodity prices, expensive inputs, and tighter margins are just a few of the challenges that we already know about. That is why we have worked really hard at aligning ourselves with insurance providers, that have brought new private products to the market enhancing your standard crop insurance, while helping protect against these ever changing risks.


This year we have products that will:

Buy up total revenue protection

Buy up additional yield coverage

Buy up additional price coverage

Offer a Bonus Indemnity


We represent several different companies and can match their products with your specific operation. If your current agent isn't talking about these new products, give us a call at 641-648-7300.




At Pinnacle we take pride in being YOUR "private product" specialist.

Companies We Represent

For more information contact: 

Chris Ritland

Crop Insurance


Kent Krause



Brian Ritland

Director of Agronomic Services