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Pinnacle, a comprehensive agronomic and environmental consulting firm, offers years of experience in environmental & regulatory compliance for livestock producers.


Our experience goes back to the first regulation of livestock. As a result, we've had input in the process ensuring science based and practical regulation down to the farm level. It's still a complicated process, but it's Pinnacle's goal to offer the most complete environmental consulting package available, with minimal inconvenience and interruption for our clients.

Manure Management Plan

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The first step in owning a livestock operation is determining the best location for the proposed facility.


Pinnacle is one of the pioneers in using GIS/GPS mapping systems. We look at the proposed siting of the facility and will verify the site is not in an area of karst terrain (fractured bedrock), alluvial soils (potential flood plain), or will request verification of such from the Army Corp of Engineers. We will identify local residences, businesses, schools, churches, public use areas, cemeteries, and will look for all other protected areas to verify adequate separation distances using our GIS mapping program.


Once separation distances are verified as adequate, on some sites (determined by size and residing county), Pinnacle will then work with the producer to develop a Master Matrix* Score.


The third requirement to build a new facility is called a Construction Design Statement or can be substituted with a Professional Engineer's Statement. This will detail the construction specificiations used in the structures for the Iowa DNR for the engineers.

The amount of manure being produced

The nutrient concentration in the manure

The number of acres required for land application

The amount of manure to be applied to each acre

Where the manure will be applied

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Environmental Compliance


Permitting of New Livestock Facilities

What is a Master Matrix?


It is a tool used by the County and DNR to evaluate the impact of a facility within the local community

Pinnacle reviews and updates every page of the MMP each year including updated manure analysis. In addition, our producers can add/remove fields or change crop rotations at any time without additional charges.

A management plan is a regulatory tool for producers to plan their nutrient placement to optimize crop production. Pinnacle's manure management plan will help producers identify:  

MMP's include: